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Alan W Hall Memorial Aviation Library

The Malta Aviation Society has its own aviation library dedicated to Alan W Hall. It consists of thousands of books and magazines, some of them dating back to the late 1950s. Our librarian, Godfrey Mangion, methodically files every new entry and logs each entry so MAS members can easily and quickly find what they will be looking for.

Alan W Hall - Appreciation by Joe Ciliberti, President, MAS

Alan Hall resided in Malta for the past few years of his life. He made many friends while here but, typically, Alan already had many Maltese friends through his various publications read all over the world but particularly in Britain. Alan W Hall passed away on November 6 2008 at the age of 80.

Alan was the first-ever editor of Airfix Magazine and went on to own the publication in later years which, at times, had a monthly circulation of 100,000. In the meantime, he had established his own business and started publishing the innovative Aviation News that came out in newspaper format. I remember as a young lad waiting by the corner stationery and enticing my father to buy me the fortnightly publication in order to increase my English language reading! Alan was also the man behind the very successful Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine. Who would have told me that Mr Hall would form part of my committee on the Malta Aviation Society so many years later?

The Malta Aviation Society has been extremely lucky in having Alan among us for many years. The same week he set foot in Malta he was in touch with the society to see how he can assist us in our public relations work, the air show and, most of all, to share with us his extraordinary experience in anything aviation. Suffice to say that Alan served in the Royal Air Force, was a lecturer at Stafford College of Art and was even the Royal Aircraft Establishment's PRO at Farnborough.

He brought in fresh ideas that the Malta Aviation Society gladly used.

His loss came as a shock to most of us but the magnitude of it was equally felt in Britain where he grew and lived until a few years ago. He was an inspiration to hundreds of editors, publishers, photographers and writers and certainly to me here and my team on the Malta air show.

Blue skies, Alan, and preferably in an Anson!